Sharon Marie Jones


 First and foremost I’m Mam. I had three young boisterously beautiful boys, who filled my life with happiness, mischief and dirty washing. Tragically, my second son, Ned, who was 5 years old, was killed in a horrific car crash on March 25th, 2016.

That fateful day has changed me forever. I’m not the Sharon I was before this awful event. I’m empty and drift through days like mist.

But somehow, I have to find the strength and courage to embark on a new life journey – a journey that I know will be filled with pain each and every day. It’s a journey that I have to make because I have two sons physically in my life who I love dearly and who need their Mam more than ever. I also have one very special son who, although was only given to me for five short years, will live in my heart for eternity.

In my grief, I have found comfort in words – by writing my own words and reading others’ words. I have written poetry for the first time in my life and have posted them on my blog. Writing them has helped in trying to make sense of the feelings that physically fill me and leave me with a shattered heart, crumpled on the ground. Writing and reading allow me to escape, just for a short while. That’s the wonder and magic of words.

I worked as a Primary School teacher for 13 years but am now a full time author. I blog about my writing journey and about my journey through grief, in the hope that my words may be of comfort to someone else out there, just as I have found comfort in words during this horrendous time.


My Writing:

Debut children’s book, Grace-Ella: Spells for Beginners, published September 15th, 2016 (Firefly Press)

grace-ella-lowres final cover



Life is precious – live it. Grab onto your dreams and don’t let them go.


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