Little Snowy Rabbit

Little Snowy Rabbit and the Winter Snow

Little Snowy Rabbit stuck his nose out of the burrow. It twitched as something soft and feathery landed on its tip. He stuck his head right out.

‘Hoppety-boppety,’ he gasped. ‘The world has vanished!’

He hopped out of the hole and sank into vanilla softness.

‘It’s as freezing as ice cream,’ he chattered.

He took in a mouthful to taste and quickly spat it out.

‘It doesn’t taste like ice cream,’ he spluttered. ‘Whatever can it be?’

Little Snowy Rabbit knew that there was only one creature in the woods who could tell him why the world had disappeared: Wise Old Owl.

So off the little rabbit scampered in search of The Large Oak.

Little Snowy Rabbit soon discovered that the world was a very different place covered in white and he became lost.

‘Oh, hoppety-boppety. I’ll never find Wise Old Owl. I’ll just have to follow my paw prints back home.’

But when he looked on the ground he couldn’t see his paw prints at all. There was nothing but a thick white blanket under his feet.

‘Oh, hoppety-boppety. I should never have wandered off without telling anyone. Now I’ll never find my way home.’

Little Snowy Rabbit wandered deeper into the woods.

‘If I can find Freddy Fox’s den, then I’ll know I’m going the right way,’ he said.

He searched to the left…

He searched to the right…

He searched high…

He searched low…

But he couldn’t find Freddy Fox’s den anywhere. He couldn’t find anything at all – not Bertie Badger’s sett, nor the Rickety Old Bridge over the stream, nor the Fallen Down Oak Tree.

It was getting dark. The moon rose up in the sky. The tall trees cast shimmery shadows on the white ground. The branches reached out like icy fingers. Little Snowy Rabbit was cold and tired and hungry and very frightened.

‘I want to go home,’ he sobbed.

Just then, he heard a familiar twit-twoo.

‘Wise Old Owl? Is that you?’ he said as he peered up into the inky-black sky.

Wise Old Owl flew down and landed next to Little Snowy Rabbit.

‘Little Snowy Rabbit, what are you doing out at this late hour?’ he asked.

‘Oh Wise Old Owl, I’m so glad to see you. I was trying to find you but I got lost. I wanted to ask you why the world has disappeared.’

Wise Old Owl hooted. ‘Oh Little Snowy Rabbit. The world hasn’t disappeared. It’s been covered with snow.’

‘Snow?’ asked Little Snowy Rabbit.

Wise Old Owl told the little rabbit all about the winter snow.

‘You can have lots of fun in the snow,’ he said. ‘You can build a snowman and speed down the hill on a sledge. But all that’s for tomorrow. Now it’s time to get you home.’

Wise Old Owl guided Little Snowy Rabbit safely back to his burrow.

‘Oh Little Snowy Rabbit, you must never go off like that on your own without telling us,’ said Mummy Rabbit as she cuddled him up in a nice warm blanket.

‘I’m sorry,’ said a sleepy Little Snowy Rabbit. ‘I promise I’ll never do it again.’

Then with an almighty yawn, he snuggled down in his warm bed and dreamed snowy dreams.



4 thoughts on “Little Snowy Rabbit

  1. Aw, thank you! And of course you can read it – how lovely! I can remember writing it, I think I was about 7. It came back to me really clearly yesterday blog with lots of memories of playing with Snowy, my rabbit xx


  2. It’s lovely, Sharon – especially the part where he thinks the world’s disappeared. I used to write stories about animals when I was little too, although I can only remember bits of them. This would make a great picture book, so you obviously had a lot of creative talent even at seven years old!
    Wendy x


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