Although you have been taken, too soon to say goodbye,

I’ll remember all the happy days despite the tears I’ll cry.

You’ve always been right here, to lead and guide the way,

To help us find our place in life in your quiet, gentle way.


Your heart was filled with kindness, your soul a soul of gold,

I’m filled with treasured memories that I’ll forever hold.

And though my heart is broken, sorrowed tears I’ll always shed,

Deep inside my tortured soul I know you’re with my Ned.


Ned loved his taid so dearly, for his visits he would wait,

To pounce upon and play with him – taid’s special little mate.

Not really into football, performing more Ned’s style,

His ‘awesome moves’ and made-up songs would always make you smile.


My place for now is here, with Tomi and with Cai,

Battling cruel anguish and that pain-filled question why.

But I know you’ll hold Ned near and keep him safe for me,

Until my final breath I’ll take and together we will be.



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