My Christmas Wish

I wish with all my heart and more

That you would walk right through the door.

Your beaming smile would say, ‘I’m here.

There’s no more need to shed a tear.’


We’d hang your stocking on your bed,

I’d place a kiss upon your head.

I’d say, ‘Sleep tight my angel boy.’

My heart would over-spill with joy.


I’d hear the sound of Santa’s sleigh,

Piled high with gifts for this special day.

Then morning’s dawn would bring its cheer

And take away the pain-filled fear.


We’d have you home where you belong

Your absence here has been too long.

We’ve missed you more than words can say

I’d pray that here you’ll forever stay.


My Christmas wish it won’t come true,

An empty room – there’ll be no you.

But in my heart you’ll forever be

My little boy lost – Ned bach fi.



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