No Tomorrow

I didn’t know that there’d be no time

to say I love you a million more times;

to stroke your hair and touch your face,

to wrap you up tight in a warm embrace.


I didn’t know that there’d never again be

a time to snuggle up with a bedtime story;

or sing your songs as we lay on your bed,

or tuck you up tight and kiss your sweet head.


I didn’t know as I waved you goodbye

that I’d never have you again by my side;

I didn’t know that you’d be taken from me,

so suddenly, so cruelly and so tragically.


I didn’t know that this is how it would be,

my little boy lost for eternity;

no years ahead to live and enjoy,

a life snatched away from my precious boy.


I didn’t know that there’d be no tomorrow

just endless days of pain and sorrow;

but for all the tears that I will cry,

I’ll never once whisper a final goodbye.






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