Suffocating darkness clings to my skin

and fills me inside, there’s no place to hide.

Empty heart

but my head whirrs with whys.

Why? Why? Why?

Silent tears and silent screams

but a smile pasted on

to hide the horror behind my heavy eyes.


Time stands still

but life keeps moving

too fast.

Spring turns to Summer

but I’m left behind drowning in a vast ocean,

pain vice-tight and struggling to breathe.

No understanding.

Life can’t move on.


Who am I? Do I exist in this place where I no longer feel?

Stone cuts skin to reveal a crimson trickle

and I watch its path bleed into the ground

where you lie


for me to find my way.

But the path is blurred,

its vision comes and goes.


A beating heart and breathing lungs.

A handful of pills

and the certainty,

a momentary clarity that I can find you.

A hand tips,

a palm full.




Crumpled, crying, confused.

Scared and alone.

But loved by two others

who call out

for Mam.

So here I am.

Still alive.



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