In Sunny Meadows

I’ve tried my best to find you, but I just don’t know the way,

I search and search through endless thoughts that fill me every day.

How do I find that special place, that place where you have gone?

How do I come and find you there? For that’s where I belong.


I’ve searched for signs around me, for the path that leads to you,

But my search has shown me nothing, no clue as what to do.

I’ve seen a single feather and your red kite soaring high –

They fill me with an emptiness and silent tears I cry.


I close my eyes and will it, just to feel you here with me –

There’s nothing but an empty hole and darkness inside me.

I hear the screech of tyres, see your eyes wide filled with fear,

And from my eyes comes sorry, as a guilty single tear.


I’ll never give up searching, ’till I find my way to you,

To have you in my arms again and tell you I love you.

One day I know, I don’t know when, but that’s how it will be,

In sunny meadows running free, my little Ned and me.










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