The Girl In The Mirror

The girl in the mirror is not me,

It’s only an image that you can see.

I may give a smile, or a wave of my hand

When at the school gates you see me stand.


I may be polite, say a word or two,

I may even ask how things are with you.

I’ll say that I’m fine, that’s all I can do

To hide the real horror away from you.


For under my skin is the real living me,

A girl filled with pain for eternity.

A girl that is nothing but a shattered heart.

A girl whose whole life has fallen apart.


A girl who feels nothing but sadness so deep,

That the only release is when I’m asleep.

A girl whose guilt tears will fall endlessly.

A broken girl who is no longer me.


The girl in the mirror is not me,

I’m the girl whose wish is to no longer be.

The girl who wants to curl up on his bed

And lovingly hold onto my sweet little Ned.













One thought on “The Girl In The Mirror

  1. Sharon that’s lovely, you ar so clever with words. I’m so sorry for your loss and we can’t expect you to be the same person ever again. You will always miss Ned, he was such a lovely, cuddly little boy. Much love is sent your way and we feel your pain. You are forever in our thoughts. Xxx


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