An Angel I Was Given

An angel I was given

To cherish for a while;

An angel with such joy for life

And a beaming, dimpled smile.


My angel, he was taken,

Too sudden to comprehend.

After only five short years,

His life came to an end.


The empty days feel endless.

My mind’s a-whirr with why.

Why take away my little boy?

Why did he have to die?


An angel I was given

To cherish for a while;

And though the pain will never fade,

One day he’ll help me smile.



DSCN0315 (2)





5 thoughts on “An Angel I Was Given

  1. Your words have me in tears for your pain. Sharon, I have written and re-written this numerous times, but nothing I type is anywhere near ”enough’, but I just want to tell you that I am very much thinking about you and your family.


    • Every time I read this, I cry in sympathy for your loss as a Mum of boys I love with my life. I hope, in time, your pain will lessen and the laughter and happy memories of your beautiful son will prevail like the echo of a brilliant star. Thinking of you often and sending you my love. xxx


  2. Life just doesn’t make sense sometimes and can be so painful! I just want you to know I have thought about you today and I send my love x


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