The Dragon’s Egg

My last post was all about ‘reading for pleasure’ in the classroom as I’m returning to teaching in a week and have recently been doing a lot of thinking about this.

I read Mike Revell’s fantastic ‘Stonebird’ last week and whilst in a shop on holiday the other day, I spotted some glass eggs. Inspired by the story sessions mentioned in ‘Stonebird’, I became quite excited by the idea that this glass egg was a magic dragon’s egg. I stood there, holding the egg in the palm of my hand, staring blankly as my mind drifted off, for quite some time. The young man behind the till looked increasingly worried at being alone with the statue-like, peculiar lady with a dazed expression and twitchy grin.

Anyway, coming back to earth, I bought the egg and am full of ideas as to how I’ll use it in the classroom. We have weekly ‘circle time’, during which I previously used a small red dragon as the ‘talking stick’. I think my new dragon’s egg will now be used. In writing sessions, I’m hoping that placing the magic dragon’s egg on their table will inspire those who always moan and groan about having to write stories. And like in Mike Revell’s story, I intend to use it as an opportunity for children to share their own stories, whilst holding the egg in their hands – perhaps as we sit in a circle at the end of the day. And perhaps, just having the dragon’s egg perched on the windowsill will bring some magic to the classroom.

On the way home from our holiday, I heard some fantastic stories from my own sons as they took it in turns to hold the magic dragon’s egg in the back of the car.

I’m really pleased with how my list for encouraging reading for pleasure in the classroom is growing. I hope to share more ideas as and when they come to me. A massive thank you to Mike Revell for inspiring me with ‘Stonebird’. And a big thank you to the young man in the shop who allowed me ‘my moment’ without alerting security!

Hwyl am y tro x


2 thoughts on “The Dragon’s Egg

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who is struck by (to my companion of the moment) a random teaching related idea triggered by an object, book or picture. I seem to have my Topic map permanently imprinted on my retina – everything interesting can be cross curriculised in my experience!


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