Obsessive e-mail checking

At midday, the 30th of June, I lost my internet connection.

The past 24 hours has worryingly highlighted my obsessiveness with checking e-mails and social media. It was like going cold-turkey. Sweat-induced panic and agitation. When the connection went, I paced the hall next to my rooter, willing the green light to come back. I gave it an hour before I rang my service provider.

‘There’s a problem in your area at the moment. It should be back by this evening.’

‘Can’t you fix it sooner?’ I asked, desperation starting to creep in.

Little did the nice gentleman realise the effect his words were having on me. No internet access for the next few hours? What was I going to do?

By last night, after two further telephone conversations with the service provider, there was still no connection.

‘Why are you getting so worked up about it? Are you expecting an important e-mail or something?’ asked my husband.

‘Well yes,’ I answered wide-eyed, still pacing.


‘Well … I might have a new follower on twitter or I might hear about my submission,’ I answered, then lowered my voice to a whisper and glanced around. ‘I might have made it out of the slushpile.’


By this point my husband was looking at me as if I was seriously losing a grip on reality.

I tossed and turned in bed. At 2.30am I got up to check. Nothing. Zilch. Dead as a dodo.

7am I rang the nice gentleman, only to be told that the problem was on-going. 10am, another phone call.

‘Ok, it looks like the problem is solved so we’ll just reset everything and you should be up and running in a few moments.’

‘Thank you, thank you, thank you,’ I said, cradling the phone to my ear.

And then there it was, the winking green light.

‘I’ve got a light,’ I said into the phone, eyes welling-up. ‘A green, winking light.’

‘Fantastic. Congratulations,’ said the nice gentleman.

I replaced the phone and rested my head on my laptop.

‘You’re back,’ I whispered.

So life is back to how it should be. And maybe it’s been a good thing. Maybe I needed this to put things into perspective. I mean, checking e-mails once a day is enough … right? And it’s ok not to have a nosey on twitter every day … isn’t it?

Oh, in case you were wondering what delights awaited in my inbox, I had a handful of new twitter followers and an e-mail to say that a short story I submitted to a competition has been shortlisted. Nothing about my manuscript, so I’m still festering away on the cyber slushpile … then again, I might just go and check quickly … you never know.

Hwyl am y tro x


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