Shooting out answers like peas from a pea-shooter

The other night I stumbled across #ukmgchat on twitter, being hosted by the wonderful @moontrug and @RevellWriting. And boy what a stroke of luck to have stumbled across it. In a whirlwind 60 minutes, Abi Elphinstone and Mike Revell gave really insightful comments on being a debut author – shooting back answers like peas from a pea-shooter; a stream of thought-provoking ideas flowed like sparkling droplets of water from their fountain of knowledge (ok, over the top I know. I’ll never be a poet).

Back to the point … during this hour, I gleaned a lot of handy tips and more than that, comments that just really struck a chord with me. Here’s a quick summary of what I personally took from their fabulousness:

i) Authors are bloody hard-working.

ii) Authors are incredibly friendly.

iii) Not many can make a living from writing, but who cares? Your name is on the cover of a book that a child (children hopefully) is going to pick up and read.

iv) Self-doubt never goes away (here’s to you and me growing old together then, buddy).

v) Authors have to be proactive when it comes to marketing and promoting – be brave and get out there – which is a terrifying prospect if, like me, you love hiding away in your writing hole, living life in a made-up world.

vi) Being part of the online writing community is fantastic – supportive people who share the same passions and frustrations.

vii) It’s ok to think I’m rubbish and will never be able to write anything again – this will pass (loved the way Mike Revell referred to this as ‘you remember word by word, page by page’.

viii) A good editor is worth his/her weight in gold (my editor at Firefly has been wonderful by the way).

ix) Never give up … repeat, never give up … repeat, never give up … repeat

x) Did I mention – authors are bloody hard-working fabulously great people!

And there it is. Above all else, when I finally shut down to go to bed, I couldn’t wait to get back to my WIP the next morning. Their enthusiasm and positivity cyber-travelled to my core and re-ignited my smoking embers and I woke up spitting lava. So a massive thank you to both authors and I wish them every success with their books and future books – a success that’s richly deserved.

Keep writing … who knows what’s around the corner.

Hwyl am y tro x


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