Weekend lie-ins? Are you joking?

I can’t have lie-ins. My body is tuned to waking up at 5am to write and that’s great. That’s the time when I write my best. This morning I’ve managed to edit a short story I’ve been working on and I’m almost feeling happy enough with it to send it off to a short story competition.

My eldest son crept into the office at 6.45am.

‘Can I get up?’ he asked.

‘Don’t you want a lie-in? It’s the weekend,’ I said.

‘Are you joking? There’s no school so we get to play,’ he beamed.

And it’s that simple. Weekends are fun – why spend them in bed?

As a first time mum, weekends made me break out in a panicky sweat. What could we do? We had to ‘do’ something. My son had to have something to tell his friends on Monday morning. Where were we going to go? We couldn’t possibly just stay at home and ‘do’ nothing.

It took me a long time to realise that actually yes, we can just stay at home and still ‘do’ things. Things that don’t cost money or involve packing bags and rushing around to get everyone ready for a day out. Yes, days out are important – these are our special treats. What’s so special about doing them every weekend?

My son summed it up this morning – ‘There’s no school so we get to play.’ And what’s more fun than playing? I believe it’s so important that children can use their imaginations and entertain themselves. Have fun.

So what’s in store for our weekend?

Well, the boys are busy building the Taj Mahal at the moment with their wooden blocks. It’s looking impressive, I must add.The weather’s not too bad so a bike ride this afternoon looks promising. Oh, and we’ve got some tomato seeds that need planting and the stones that we collected on the beach last weekend to paint. The list is endless.

So here’s to a fun-filled weekend. Enjoy.

Hwyl am y tro x


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